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Why “customer experience” is the key

By "customer experience" we mean nothing but the experience of working with you. How is this experience? Is it what he expected? Do you make them feel special or do they just feel that just another financial transaction? If you suspect that the latter is true, then you need to reconsider. In the past, companies had the main concern in…

How does design affect our lives?

Design has a great impact on our daily lives. However, we rarely realize it. Let’s ask ourselves: What does design mean? How important is it in our daily lives? Is it so important that it affects our social and personal perceptions? Before we understand what design really is, it is important to remind ourselves how we absorb information. The way…

6 mistakes to avoid when choosing a name for your business

What is in a name? When it comes to your business, almost everything. Your business name is literally the first thing potential customers will learn about you. The right name can arouse interest and pave the way for customer interaction. The wrong name fails to get on someone's radar or, worse, becomes known for all the wrong reasons. Furthermore, while…

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