Our Philosophy


Siren Design is active in the graphic design of printed and digital applications. Since 1991, we have implemented hundreds of projects for a large number of businesses. Our multiannual presence in the field is synonymous with the efficiency of our services. In a spirit of cooperation, we undertake every request, providing high quality innovative design.

Irini Ritsopoulou

The person behind Siren Design

Graphic designer, graduate of the Vakalo Art & Design College with postgraduate studies at the Università degli Studi di Firenze in Italy. She speaks 4 languages: English, French, German and Italian and she has a piano degree. Her long-term professional experience includes employment at the advertising section of TUI Arena, formerly Preussag, in Hanover in Germany, and in the Multimedia Center of the Computing Center at the University of Crete. With a creative eye and professional dedication, she has accomplished numerous successful projects for dozens of businesses and individuals since 1991. In 2004 she won the packaging prize in the “Greek Stars” competition. In 2016 she created the educational portal afterschool.gr for parents. Since 2019 she teaches Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign in a private school.

Our mission


Success in Siren Design is a given. In the light of today’s needs, we offer pioneering and authentic solutions. Our suggestions give a unique and competitive identity regarding the visibility and advertisement of your products.

The forefront for us lies in modern expertise and systematic research aiming at authenticity and a departure from imitation. With consistency and faith in our principles, we put our personal stamp on every project.

Meet our team

Irini Ritsopoulou



From the beginning to the end of a project, the one in charge is Irini. Both in the graphic design part and in the editing at all stages of design and production. She is obsessed with organisation and she does not like to leave anything to chance. After all, that’s why she has chosen the best partners!

Rosemary Tzanaki



As a native speaker, Rosemary can nail an English text! She knows how Greek people think but above all she knows how English people speak. This combination makes her irresistible in her work but also in companionship!

Georgia Tsikandilaki



How is it possible for a translated text to look like it has been written in the language you want? It is very difficult, yet not impossible. This is Georgia’s job. Not only does she translate, but she also gives life to the texts with her knowledge and experience!

Giannis Fais



Giannis’s work goes beyond the clicking of a button and the taking of a photo. He uses the skills of artistic composition and the science of lighting to portray a subject in the best way possible. And he succeeds!

Vangelis Makridakis



In terms of designing websites in WordPress, Vangelis is the expert. His experience always helps him find solutions in record time. Always calm and organized, he works with a system that would complete even the most demanding project.

Giannis Gourniezakis



When it comes to custom web programming, John is your guy. He is always up to date on current and emerging technologies, standards and trends. When he writes the code, he does not joke about it!

In addition to our regular collaborators, we work with several people in the field of typography, printing, packaging, as well as with promotional gift companies.

Depending on the needs of each project, we select the appropriate experts.

What you will find in us

Great Experience in Different Projects
High Quality of Service
Value for Money

We offer you complete services

From designing your corporate identity and printing all kinds of printed matter to your printed and digital presence on the internet.



With the right promotional actions you make a decisive contribution to the sustainability of your business. Strategy development allows you to conquer new business goals and meet your customers’ needs. With determination you can overcome competition and see your profits grow.



Design and branding can be the main attraction for the buying audience. Their studied combination represents the pulse of the market and can speak to the heart of the consumer. Smart marketing choices highlight the substantial innovation of the above and contribute to the ever-increasing revenue growth.



The printed matter fosters a sense of authenticity, trust and intimacy in the relationship that the advertised product develops with the consumer. Its effectiveness is based on its unique ability to stimulate our senses more than any other means. Apart from the other benefits of the printed matter, its promotional success clearly enhances your projection thanks to this rare game of the senses that it creates.

Web Design


Your website should enable prospective customers to easily identify what they are looking for or want to buy and, in any case, easily understand the information you provide them with. Professional structure and good presentation play an essential role when the aim is the positive reaction of the consumer. In order to build a relationship of trust with your audience, it is worth investing in the design of your website.

Our clients

Take a look at some of the projects we have implemented so far. Our customers are satisfied and remain faithful to us after all these years. We thank them!
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