Printed matter or website?

An important question that arises as soon as we decide to differentiate ourselves from our competitors is:

Printed Matter or Website? Digital or Printed Advertising?

Printed matter and the internet are two powerful projection tools with different advantages and limitations.

Let’s have a look at them, in order to choose what you need, which will lead you to your goals in the most successful way.

The advantages of printed matter


Since most of us have grown up with books, it is natural to feel a special feeling when we read something we hold in our hand. This sensation is unique!

There is a large portion of people who prefer to buy or patiently wait to receive the book in their hands. Thus, it is not that impressive that, along with the rise of ebooks, attendance at traditional libraries is growing rapidly.


Scientific research with statistical results estimates that the number of people on the internet is not going to reach the number of the people that are offline. People are easily removed from websites, just with a click.

Maintaining contact with readers for a long time is becoming more and more difficult. In printed publications, however, this is not the case. Consumers can participate more actively and effortlessly in the process of reading and interacting with the printed material.


In the digital era, projection through print advertising is often a choice of the few, making this an even more effective means of advertisement.

As the prints on the market are diminishing, the strength of those that are selectively distributed increases. Especially when it comes to luxury publications, then the printed matter undoubtedly makes the best impression.


When we are faced with an advertising brochure, we browse through it immediately. It is a simple process in which every consumer is driven without a second thought. They often read it as if they are not interested in it. If they are curious about it, they will look at it at any moment and look at it again in the near future with ease.


Often, browsing the internet with many windows open at the same time is distracting, so advertisements are completely ignored, as if they never existed. But when reading newspapers, magazines, or printed matter in general, the average consumer holds a cup of coffee and does not do much more.

Studies have shown that when consumers read printed matter, they focus their attention solely on its content.


In an era which is overwhelmed every single day by the presence of technology, people are starting to appreciate more and more the value of disconnecting from digital devices and are looking for immediacy and comfort in the timeless choice of printed matter.

The advantages of the website


There is no greater advantage in the web than the interactivity and speed of online tools. There are countless possibilities for projection, editing and interacting through search features. Everything can come true without the slightest wait, just by pressing a button.


It is commonly accepted that the price of publishing on the internet is much lower than that of printing. In addition, it needs considerably less time for web corrections than for printed matter which presupposes more stages. For this reason, more and more companies are choosing to invest a significant part of their budget in their online projection.


The ability to track traffic rates, collect important information, and interact with your reading audience is an unprecedented advantage that you can take advantage of on the internet. In this way you can achieve direct communication and proximity to users and improve your services based on their preferences.


The flexibility offered by the internet makes every moment of our everyday life easier. When you work, you can read an article on the computer, which you can continue reading on your mobile phone as you move. When you get home, you may spend a little more time on your tablet. When you are connected to the internet, you are only a few seconds away from anything. The world of information is yours.



The aim is a smart marketing strategy that combines your printed and online presence. When both media move decisively in the same direction, the result is impressive.


Let’s marry the stability of printed matter with the rapid dissemination offered by the comfort of the internet. This creates a dynamic that prepares the ground for new customers. At the same time, it strengthens your relationship with existing customers.

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