Advertising can achieve its purpose even with the lowest budget

The content, text, sounds and images in the advertisement can greatly affect the success of your ad. Your ad should:

  • not go unnoticed
  • be understood
  • encourage the consumer to get in touch with you
  • lead to increased sales

Anadvertisement is a print ad that is placed in magazines, newspapers, etc. The only restriction on advertisements is space. The limited space determines the difficulty and the charm of the listing.In this white space, all the elements have to be combined, to create a harmonious composition, to solve one or more problems, to draw attention, to compete with other ads, to achieve a certain result. The idea is to bring the space to life.

The color of the listing should not be used for impression but for sale. In an outreach campaign beyond layouts, there must be an identity in the style and ethos of communication.

(Excerpt from K. Goblia’s book “Advertising”)

We can design your advertisement according to your budget

it is for you if...
  • • You are an individual with good taste and motivation to stand out
  • • You have a small business that is gradually developing
  • • Your budget is low but you want something special
it is for you if...
  • • You have a small or average business and you want to level up
  • • You want the best possible results but with a quite low budget
  • • You pay much attention to aesthetics and exclusivity
it is for you if...
  • • You have an average or large business with a wide clientele
  • • You want to be one step ahead of your competitors
  • • You are only compliant with the best option

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